BLACKHOLE 212 was an independently run community space for anybody who is interested in Alternative lifestlye,Music and arts.It was a non-profit space which is run by punks who believe that autonomy is the only thing that can make this world a better one.

BLACKHOLE 212 physical existence is dead, and the future is uncertained.

Sadly due to financial difficulties and negative pressure from the state,cops and landlord, our physical existence of blackhole 212 came to an end on september 2010

BLACKHOLE 212 now only exist as a collective, doing DIY hardcorepunk shows and is working towards promoting an active DIY lifestyle and ethics in Singapore.

a monthly podcast call BLACKHOLE RADIO was just established.Monthly explosion of DIY and punk from Singapore and around the world.

you still contact us via our personal email :

Hafiz –

Vanessa –

Bands or punk travellers from around the world,please keep in touch!



the past,

BLACKHOLE 212 is an autonomous community space for people who are interested in alternative lifestyle,music and arts.It is totally non-profit and run by punks who believes that autonomy and DIY will make this world a better place.Its also the first independent alternative community space that is run by punks in singapore !

any form of RACISM,SEXISM AND HOMOPHOBIA will not be tolerated in the venue. This place is for everyone!

BlackHole212 is now taking bookings for gigs, parties, screenings, drama rehearsals, jamming, conferences and other live events! 900sqft of free indoor space, live band equipment and sound system included.

rates go at:

mon-thurs : $50/hr
fri/sat : $120/hr – $100/hr if more than 4hrs
sun : $80/hr

$10/hr for drama/dance rehearsals (negotiable for block bookings)

$14/hr for Jamming/rehearsal

send us an email at for enquiries

or call us at: 94817382 / 82818224


address : 212 Syed Alwi Road

Closest MRT stations:
Farrer Park

Nearby Landmarks:
Jalan Besar Food Centre
New World Centre
Jalan Besar Macdonalds

How To Book A Show at Blackhole212

Blackhole212 is run based on the basic idea that musicians/music lovers should be able to book their own shows regardless of age and/or status, and work on a personal, more gratifying level with their music instead of depending on large corporations.
Step 1: Pick a date for your show, and a few alternative dates in case your primary choice is already booked.
Step 2: Email us at, or call us at 82818224 or 94817382, with the date(s) you would like to book, and the time and duration of your show.
Step 3: Once your show date is confirmed, a deposit of 50% of the total booking fee is due to be paid within two weeks of confirmation.(the other 50% of the booking fee can be paid after your show) Make sure we issue you with a receipt!
Step 4: Apply for a MDA license at the MDA website. Because Blackhole is not permanently licensed as a ‘pub’ or ‘club’, and because every paid show needs a public entertainment license, we need all organisers to apply for a temporary license for their show. This is to avoid interference by the authorities and to ensure the safety of Blackhole and the orgainser. It’s really quite a simple thing to do, and only costs $10. Call us at the abovementioned numbers if you need help or more information. (don’t forget to bring the printed license along on the day of the show!)
Step 5: PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE! Design a flyer/poster with information on your show (bands, time, where, ticket price etc) and put it up online, at hangouts, and give them out to your friends. Send us your flyer at our email address and we will put it up on our Wordpress page, or bring a printed copy down to Blackhole and we’ll put it up on our ‘upcoming shows’ wall. Remember that the size of the crowd and your ticket sales at your show depends on your promotion.
Step 6: COME PREPARED. At your show, you will need a system to mark kids that have already paid for their ticket so you can tell them apart from those who haven’t. Some people use ink stamps, some use plastic cable ties. (Punks in indonesia use nailpolish and paint one particular nail on each person’s hand when they pay at the door!) Be creative, but also keep it simple. Appoint at least three friends to help you at the door- one to help mark the people who have paid, one to collect the ticket money, and another to check those who are re-entering. Remember that you will be busy and will not be able to stay stationed at the door.
Step 7: SHOW DAY! Arrive at least an hour before your show starts to set up. Make sure the bands that are playing know which slots and what time they are playing, and in what order. Bands can come early too to do a soundcheck an hour before the show.
Step 8: Once the show is over, count the takings from the ticket sales and set aside the remaining 50% of the booking fee. When the amount is paid, we will issue you with another receipt to confirm that you have completed payment.

*A successful show reaps a profit. Some people choose to split some of the profit among the bands that played. Some choose to buy dinner/drinks for their friends who’ve helped them at the show. Some use it to organise more shows. It is totally up to you what you do with the profits- just remember that the whole point of this is not to earn heaps of cash, and honesty is important when dealing with friends.


Q: Is there an age limit at Blackhole?
A: Blackhole is and all-ages community space and people of all ages are welcome.
Q: Are there any rules at Blackhole?
A: Blackhole is not a place for SEXISM, RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA or MISOGYNIST acts. Such behaviour by bands, attendees, or even the organiser will not be tolerated. Other than that, and the common sense that our neighbours and their homes, shops and belongings should be respected, we strive to keep Blackhole as rule-free as possible.
Q:Is moshing, crowd surfing and slam-dancing allowed?
A: YES. (but please watch out for the safety of your friends, and our equipment!)
Q: Can bands jam/rehearse at Blackhole?
A:Bands playing future shows at Blackhole are entitled to jam at 14/hr at the stage/performance area. Call us at our numbers to make a booking and tell us the name of your band, and which show you are playing. Bookings are subject to the availability of Blackhole.
Q:What time does Blackhole open/close?
A: We do not have official opening/closing hours. As long as your MDA license covers the timing, your event can run as late/early as you want.
Q:Does Blackhole sell drinks?
A: The organiser may request that SOFT DRINKS are sold at their show, or if the organiser would like to sell their own drinks, please notify the management beforehand. Sale of alcohol is not allowed at Blackhole.
Q: What does the booking fee cover?
A: The booking fee includes the venue, basic lighting, basic live band equipment, and a sound technician. Organisers are given a one-hour grace before and after the show to set up before, and clean up after.
Q: Is Blackhole air-conditioned, and how many people can fit inside the venue?
A: Yes, and about 100 standing/50+ seated.
Q: Can I organise other events instead of gigs?
A: Blackhole takes in bookings for meetups, parties, conferences, theatre shows, etc.. there’s no limit to what you can use the space for!
Q:What are the rates at Blackhole and how much are the tickets for gigs?
A: Bookings for shows/events go at –
mon-thurs : $50/hr
fri/sat : $120/hr
sun : $80/hr
Bookings of 4hrs and above are entitled to a discount, and there is no minimum to the number of hours booked. Gigs usually cost $5-$10 at the door, however, the price of tickets is always determined by and depends on the organiser of the show/event.


  1. is febuary 2010 fully book?

  2. Lamestaine Says:

    hi there, how much is the discount after 4 hours if im having a gig here?

    • hi, it depends on which day you are doing your show. on fridays, saturdays and eve of phs, under 4hrs= $120/hr and more than 4hrs=$100/hr. sundays are $80/hr flat and weekdays are $50/hr flat 😀

    • hi, it depends on which day you are doing your show. on fridays, saturdays and eve of phs, under 4hrs= $120/hr and more than 4hrs=$100/hr. sundays are $80/hr flat and weekdays are $50/hr flat 😀

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